On 26 June, Paul Laughlin once again ran his popular one day workshop on Data Visualisation, for a new group of DataIQ Leaders. This workshop received rave reviews, with all delegates rating the course very highly (80%+ for active participation, trainer knowledge & clear objectives).

Laughlin Consultancy, continues in 2018, to be part of the faculty of experts supporting the DataIQ Leader programme. This is a unique membership programme for leading practitioners in data and analytics. It comprises a broad range of intimate, confidential, business events that offer unrivalled peer to peer learning and networking along with rich, relevant content.

Through a combination of sharing design best practice & examples, Paul helped delegates understand how data visualisation can be effective and what to do, to achieve effective graphs.

Delegates covered topics including:

* Why data visualisation matters
* Different types of data & tools
* Chart options & visual encoding
* Advanced options (including interactive visualisations)
* Design principles & honesty
* Embedding visualisation in your processes

The day included lots of interactive exercises. Paul shared specific tips for visual communication, that worked for him during his successful leadership career. Finally, all delegates got to take away a laminated ‘aide memoire’ of visualisation options, copies of all slides & references for online resources and further personal development.

Paul will be running this workshop again on 13 Dec 2018, click here for details of that event.

Here are further details on DataIQ Leaders programme (including how to join):

Welcome to DataIQLeaders | DataIQLeaders

DataIQ Leaders is a fast growing learning community of proven data and analytics professionals from across all sectors. Together with members our purpose is to rapidly advance the profession of data and analytics, developing their teams, driving data strategies into organisations and firmly into the boardroom.

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