Paul Laughlin, MD of Laughlin Consultancy, presented a webinar on “Why Data Scientists are not the answer to your Customer Insight gaps“.

This was broadcast live on 27th Sept 2016 (12:00 BST). It is now available from the Directors’ Club archive.

The broadcast formed part of the Directors’ Club Webinar Festival: “Champions & Innovators of Customer Experience“.

The one hour webinar was shared with Zaheer Gilani from Omnixco, so that Paul’s focus on improving your Customer Insight was complemented by Zaheer’s advice on CX operating models.

Paul shared on how to:

  • Understand the difference between data scientists & customer insight analysts;
  • Recognise the importance of softer skills in getting measurable value out of customer insight;
  • Appreciate the different technical teams that could come together to improve your ROI.

A copy of Paul’s slides will be available soon on SlideShare.

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