Paul Laughlin, from Laughlin Consultancy, has been published in the Winter 2015 edition of Argent magazine from The Financial Services Forum (FSF).

In a lead article, entitled “Changing Behaviours“, Paul outlines the risks & opportunities that Behavioural Economics offers to leaders in the FS sector.

As part of an issue focussed on “The essence of leadership”, he argues for balance in both identifying opportunities & responding to FCA challenges. Spotting times where a risk management requirement can be turned into a commercial opportunity. The article provides leaders an insight into:

  • Mixed reception to hype over Behavioural Economics (BE);
  • FCA’s definitions of 10 BE biases they prioritise;
  • Why FS & Insurance are particularly vulnerable to decision making biases;
  • Opportunities for collaboration with the FCA;
  • How you research team can help.

This article follows a talk given to FSF members in March 2015. Further advice on Behavioural Economics can be found in related posts on Customer Insight Leader.

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