In the latest edition of Data IQ Magazine, the cover story features an interview with Paul Laughlin (MD of Laughlin Consultancy).

This “skills issue” includes a cover story on “how to be top dog“. Within this, Paul shares advice for those making the transition from analyst to manager. Drawing on his 13 years experience of creating & leading customer insight teams, Paul recommends how to navigate the leadership pipeline and coping strategies for the new focus needed.

After the interview, Paul said he was delighted to be asked to contribute. “Too few analysts have mentors to advise them, how to navigate a career path, that is not as well mapped out as for colleagues in other functions. Working with the IDM and through our own training here at Laughlin Consultancy, I’ve seen how important it is for analysts to prepare & develop the skills they will need to progress. Those of us who made it to customer insight leadership roles should be leaving a clear path for others to follow.”

The print edition of Data IQ Magazine is delivered from mid-September, with digital edition available here.

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