Laughlin Consultancy, continues in 2018, to be part of the faculty of experts supporting the DataIQ Leader programme. This is a unique membership programme for leading practitioners in data and analytics. It comprises a broad range of intimate, confidential, business events that offer unrivalled peer to peer learning and networking along with rich, relevant content.

On 9 May & 15 Nov 2018, Paul Laughlin will again be running his one day workshop on Stakeholder Management for DataIQ Leaders. This workshop received rave reviews during 2017, with all delegates rating the course highly (translating to a score of 96%).

Through a combination of sharing best practice & lessons learnt in corporate life, Paul helped leaders understand why stakeholder management matters and how to achieve success.

Delegates covered topics including:

  • Identifying your stakeholders
  • Taming ‘office politics’
  • Understanding yourself & other segments
  • Learning from coaching models
  • Planning & prioritising your actions

The day included plenty of interactive exercises, giving opportunity to apply what was learnt to their own business context & challenges. Working with other leaders, delegates practiced new skills and learn more about their own leadership development. Paul shared specific tips for key roles & meetings, that worked for him during his successful leadership career. Finally, delegates took away slides, models & papers on some of the tools applied; to help them continue their own leadership development journey.

Paul will be running this workshop again on 2 Nov 2017

Further details on DataIQ Leaders programme are available here (including how to join).

An Introduction to DataIQ Leaders from Peter Galdies on Vimeo.

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